Angels of the light..



I have read this book more than 3 times, its the most powerful book I have ever read. I actually hide it in my house so no one touches it and it does not arrive at my dogs mouth as he is an avid reader lol…   Anyways, apart from the book I am currently writing I believe this is the most powerful book ever writen….  Working with angels is like using the law of attraction just in a different way, my preffered way…

Featured on the NBC Prime Time Special Angels: The Mysterious Messengers, viewed by 35 million people. Messengers of divine providence, angels are always available to help you create heaven in your life. There are angels for every occasion, including personal angels such as guardians, spiritual guides, cheerleaders, and soul angels; angels of the moment, such as healers and rescuers; and angels who embellish human life, such as worry extinguishers, fun executives, and prosperity brokers. Terry Taylor shows you how to spot angels, how to get in touch with them, how to utilize their help, and, most important, how to love life the way they do. Angels can:

lift your spirits

make you happy without reason,

enhance your creativity

bring more love and joy into your life,

add fun and play to your life,

relieve stress and enhance youthfulness.

This is one of those books you will pass down to your children, friends and family, this is the book I recommend to everyone 🙂 Simple read and effective and powerful.